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Formed in 1977, Motability was established to help disabled people with their mobility needs and to enjoy the independence many others can take for granted. Today, it helps over 630,000 people by providing them with a simple way to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair without the worry of owning and running one. One in three people, who are potentially eligible, choose to use Motability.


In addition, Motability provides its disabled customers with the opportunity of fully-funded driver training, through AA DriveTech, to learn to drive in standard vehicles or even those which have been specially adapted for a disabled driver. Given the range of adaptations available to assist a disabled customer to drive, such as push/pull hand brake acceleration levers, left foot accelerators, steering balls all the way through to steering by joystick, there is a requirement for AA DriveTech to deliver highly skilled and tailored training on an individual basis for hundreds of people a year.

We’re enhancing the lives of many hundreds of our disabled customers and their families by giving them the training to drive independently. For this reason, we regard every customer as individual and important. AA DriveTech absolutely understand this and are key to our offering.

Scott Hegley, Head of Grants Operations

Each year as we continue to develop the offering to Motability Scheme customers, we have the confidence that in AA DriveTech, we have a partner that has the size, flexibility and desire to work hard to support our charitable goals. Their desire to work with us and our disabled customers to achieve success is excellent and we regard them as a trusted partner and an extension of our service.




  • Nationwide community of specialist driver trainers
  • High quality specialist trainers who are trained to work with disabled people and their families and are highly empathetic to their needs
  • Variety of courses ranging from learning to drive, Pass Plus, post-confidence driving as well as driving highly adapted and unfamiliar vehicles
  • In-depth knowledge of specialist vehicle technology and the specific needs of the disabled driver
  • An administration process that ensures the right trainers deliver the right training in the right way every time 
  • A single channel of contact to ensure consistency and delivery excellence
  • Multiple key performance indicators to check that customers are delighted with their training experience
  • Continuous training in new in-vehicle technology especially disability enhancements

Key Benefits

  • Hundreds of people with disabilities each year gain skills that enable them to drive at a high standard through Motability
  • Training programmes can be set up and delivered quickly and efficiently
  • Training reduces wear and tear on vehicles, a large proportion of which are adapted 
  • The capability to work flexibility supports the needs of Motability customers
  • The quality of the training means disabled drivers can remain independent and safe while driving 
  • Removes the administration overhead, from Motability, of finding, training and booking a nationwide community of trainers
  • A high proportion of learner drivers pass after less than 40 hours of training and the pass rate is above the national average 
  • Relevant training can be delivered nationwide to disabled people in vehicles with state-of-the-art driving controls cost-effectively

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