Driving assessment stage in the AA DriveTech journey

 Driver Assessment


Assessment step in the AA DriveTech journey

Are your drivers at risk?

AA DriveTech’s driving assessments are designed to help you go beyond the basic need to make ‘reasonable attempts’ to assess your staff’s exposure to risk while driving ‘at work’ by clearly identifying which of your drivers are ‘at risk’.

An assessment programme needs to meet the customer’s needs which is why we offer market-leading assessments online, on-road and on paper. Indeed, some organisation may benefit from a ‘mixed-delivery’ programme.

  • Meets your ‘duty of care’ obligations
  • Identifies ‘at risk’ drivers and suggests recommended fleet training
  • Helps target your fleet driver training courses at the people who need it most
  • Reduces collision rates and vehicle abuse by identifying training need

Our online assessments* enable a driver’s exposure to risk – typically high, medium or low – to be identified at the desktop. Assessments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We offer in-vehicle, on-road assessments with a fully trained assessor. This approach can provide more human interaction and discussion and where web access is impractical.

Driver Quality Monitoring

An observational and impartial assessment of individual drivers as they carry out their normal driving duties during normal daytime hours and at other times.

*Online assessments are currently under development for HGVs/PCVs

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