What's Driving Us

What's Driving Us

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What's Driving Us

Causes of driver behaviour

The What's Driving Us scheme looks at the causes of driver behaviour, and how we can show better consideration for other road users.

During the course, you will consider why people drive the way they do, as well as thinking about what influences the choices that you make on the road.

Why should I attend this Driver Awareness course?

  • Venues available throughout England
  • Choose a date and time to suit you – evenings and weekends may be available


  • Avoid a driving ticket (fine and points) or court
  • No pass or fail tests
  • Training in a relaxed environment
  • Book online or by phone
  • No driving required
  • Drivers say they benefit from the experience

What's Driving Us scheme – find out more on our FAQs page


The course is 3¼ hours in duration and the price will vary depending on the training venue location you choose. The What’s Driving Us course is part of the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

The What's Driving Us Scheme is run throughout England by a selection of training providers.

To view all course locations that are available nationally, please visit offer.ndors.org.uk. You will need your driving licence number to hand. To view additional information on this national scheme please visit ndors.org.uk.

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