Driving training stage in the AA DriveTech journey

Driver Training


Training step in the AA DriveTech journey

Improve your driver’s ABC...

Attitude, Behaviour and Competence

Our nationwide fleet training courses are specifically designed for people who are driving for work or professionally in a variety of different vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, 4x4s and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Fleet driver training is a core part of a fleet management programme and can not only address the safety of a driver but also can reduce fleet management costs through more fuel efficient driving skills and/or fewer crashes.

Our training is often linked to the risks highlighted in a driving assessment and not only addresses the driver’s skills and knowledge but also how they interact with other road users. At AA DriveTech, we call this Driver ABC – Attitude, Behaviour and Competence.

We offer a variety of different training interventions for different business needs. This includes online driver education (e-learning), practical one day and half day training in-vehicle with accredited trainers and detailed post-training reports.

In addition, we can run workshops on different driving topics – fuel efficiency, speed awareness and making deliveries for groups of 10-20 drivers and from 30 minute ‘pitstops’ to 7 hour Driver CPC periodic training courses for professional truck, bus and coach drivers.

We also offer more specialist driver training focusing on licence acquisition for example, foreign employees relocating to the UK, as well as minibus, personal security, 4x4, all-terrain vehicles as well as road safety events for groups of employees and ‘driver of the year’ competitions.

  • Meets your ‘duty of care’ obligations and supports ‘at risk’ drivers
  • Fleet driver training that minimises driver risk, collision rates, fleet costs and reputational risk
  • Online, on-road, workshop and specialist fleet training available
  • Fuel efficient driving skills that reduces fleet operating costs
  • Courses are available nationwide

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