Fleet risk management

Fleet risk management


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Fleet Risk Management can be a complex activity especially when your driving for work programme has started. Knowing your current risk exposure, and particularly who in your driving community has, or has not, completed a specific part of your fleet management programme, is essential.


At AA DriveTech, we understand that fleet management is data-driven and so we have developed a web-based portal FleetRiskManager that provides access to the status of your entire fleet.

It provides real-time information, reports and alerts for different drivers and groups within an organisation in many key areas.

  • Driver assessment status
  • Driving licence status
  • Fleet training status
  • On-road fleet driver training status
  • Driver-declared ‘grey fleet’ vehicle information
  • Driver-supplied copies of vehicle documentation e.g. MOT, Tax disk
  • Driver-declared collision information

We believe you can’t manage what you can’t measure which is why we provide transparency to your fleet risk management programme and the supporting reports and alerts that give you peace of mind.

  • Meets your ‘duty of care’ obligations and supports ‘at risk’ drivers
  • Single portal that gives you full access, visibility and control of your fleet risk management programme
  • Enables you to make decisions based on information, not gut feel.
  • Provides the management platform to support your driving for work and professional driver activities.

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