AA DriveTech: Driving for Work - page 10

Every driver needs to be assessed and our driver
assessments are designed to help you go beyond
just making ‘reasonable’ attempts’ to assess
your employees’ exposure to risk while driving.
We believe that the method of assessment is
dependent on each customer’s needs. That’s
why we offer market-leading assessments both
online and on-road.
Our Solution
- Our online assessments enable a
driver’s exposure to risk to be identified at the
desktop as well as making recommendations
on future training interventions based on
the results. By accessing the assessment via
a website, no formal booking or driving is
required as the site is accessible 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week.
- Through a combination of
predriving checks and typically a one hour
on-road practical driving assessment with a
fully trained driving assessor, this approach
provides human interaction and discussion.
It is particularly suitable for drivers where
web access is impractical.
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