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Driving Licence
It’s important that all employees that drive for work have legal and valid driving
licences not only for an employer to meet its duty of care obligations but also to
ensure that, in the event of a crash, the employee and employer are fully insured.
Validating that your drivers hold a current and valid driving licence, directly with
the DVLA, will demonstrate that your business is a responsible employer and
enable you to manage and control the risks associated with work-related driving.
What is it?
Driving licence validation is a service
that captures a person’s driver number
and validates it against the DVLA
database. The validation process
identifies vital areas of risk such as;
Non-licence holders
Provisional entitlements
Expired entitlements
Number of points
Disqualified drivers
Drink driving offences
Expired photo-card
Why act?
Our experience shows 1 in 650 drivers
checked are driving while disqualified
and 1 in 300 have a revoked or expiring
licence, so there’s a significant risk that
some of your staff are driving illegally.
In addition, as many as 1 in 16 drivers will
have an expired, or expiring, photo-card.
Our approach
The driver is asked to complete a data
protection mandate either by hand or
online. The Driver Number is then
validated against the DVLA database.
Following validation, results can be
viewed by the driver and company
manager via our online portal. This
includes a dashboard for managers
highlighting key fleet information
including endorsements, mandate
status, age distribution and licence
status. A driver’s exposure to risk is
calculated and displayed via the
LiveView profile tool.
Driving licence validation
Benefits for you
• Validates eligibility to drive
• Accurate
• Identifies ‘at risk’ drivers
• Reduces fleet administration
• Fulfils your duty of care
• Upload or Freepost facility
• Regulated & structured
• Real-time status dashboard
• Company definable recheck
• Quick to complete
• System alerts and reminders
For more information:
01256 495732
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