Driving training stage in the AA DriveTech journey

Taxi driver test


Training step in the AA DriveTech journey

Taxi driver test

The Taxi Test is reflective of modern driving practices and the standard is set at a level suitable for the full driving licence holder. AA DriveTech has a long history of delivering driving assessments and training for those who drive for work purposes. This extensive experience has resulted in valuable insights into the needs of individual drivers and the risks associated with different professions and vehicle categories.

The aim of the taxi test is to assess the attitude, behaviour and competence of taxi drivers to ensure that they demonstrate a high degree of driving competence to maximise driver and passenger safety.

Suitable for all taxi drivers applying to become a Taxi Driver

  • Dates, timings and venues by arrangement - location flexible
  • Pre-course information resources provided
  • The candidate may present an un-plated ordinary privately owned car for the purpose of the assessment. It must be fully insured and road legal for the purpose of the assessment

£86.40 including VAT (20%) to be payable on booking via credit or debit card

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