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Victim Awareness Course

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Victim awareness course

The charity Victim Support runs the course in locations across England. Any money not used running the course will go to the charity to support victims of crime.


Course key topics

  • Perceptions of crime
  • Reasons why crimes are committed
  • Impact of crime
  • Consequences of crime
  • Responsibility
  • Making alternative choices
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Course for low level offences

The Victim Awareness Course helps offenders to think about the impact of their actions on victims, loved ones and themselves. It also gives them the opportunity to consider what they could do differently in the future.

Benefits of the course

  • Delivered by accredited Victim Support trainers
  • Relaxed environment
  • No pass or fail tests
  • Avoid further punishment

The course does not embarrass individuals, judge them, or hold them to account for the offence committed. Nor will the trainer presenting the course ask anyone in the group to talk about their offence.

People who successfully complete the course (and any other conditions set by the police) will not be prosecuted for the original offence.

The course lasts 3 hours, and the price may vary depending on the referring police force.

Course terms and conditions

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to common queries about the Victim Awareness Course

About the course

What is the Victim Awareness Course?

The course is an educational and rehabilitative option for offenders who have committed a low level volume crime, and who have been diverted from court by the police through the issuing of a Conditional Caution or a Community Resolution.

What is AA DriveTech?

AA DriveTech is a leading provider of training services. It provides the booking administration on behalf of Victim Support.

How is the course financed? And what happens to the course fee?

The course is self-financed through the monies offenders pay to attend.

Any excess money not required to run the courses is reinvested by Victim Support in their charity work to help victims of crime.

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Attending the course

What does the course involve?

The course aims to educate attendees about the impact of their actions, and to help them understand the effect their behaviour has on their victims. The course does not humiliate individuals or hold them accountable.

Attendees will not be asked details of their offence, and they can take the workbook home with them.

Who delivers the course and where?

The course is accredited and delivered by Victim Support at a number of venues within the referring police force area. Please call 0345 850 0915 to find your nearest venue.

Can I fail the course?

There is no pass or fail. However, attendees must participate fully in order to complete successfully, and you must not disrupt the trainer.

What happens to the personal information I provide?

Your personal details are protected by the Data Protection Act 1998. If you participate in the course, you agree to your details being checked by us against our register to establish if you have completed a similar course within the last three years of this offence.

Your personal details will not at any time made available to the public by AA DriveTech, or used by any other parts of the AA.

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